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What Does A Great Small Business Website Look Like…

You might have your own ideas about what your website should like, or why you need one.

Perhaps you think you need a website to make your small business look professional, or you need one to show off your products and services.

And What Should It Do For Your Business ?

Simply put, your website needs to be a 24 hour sales tool to nurture and educate the good folks who are interested in the products or services you provide.

And it doesn’t have to be complicated or cost you an arm and a leg.

Website Packages

Do you need a website for your small business, or are you looking for a way to get more visitors to your existing site?

Choose one of our 3 no-fluff, simple to understand options to getting your website up and running and a traffic plan in place.


Get set up with a starter 6 Page Website, with a focus on grabbing the attention of your customers and keep them coming back.

Full Pre-Design Consultation

6 Page Website

Website Traffic and  Lead Generation Plan

Lead Gen

Put your Lead Generation activities on cruise control with an Automated Digital Marketing Plan to support your Website.

Website Creation

Develop Your Online Lead Generation Strategy

Create Your Marketing Automation Plan

Traffic Pro

Boost visits to your website with a traffic plan designed to attract targeted visitors who are already looking for your solution.

Website Creation

Lead Generation Plan

Plan and Develop Your Website Traffic Strategy

How Does It Work?

…with a simple 5 step process to help you get your business online

Website Plan Next Step

Domain Name

First, get your virtual ‘Sign Over The Door’ then…

Website Plan Next Step

Website Hosting

Find a place to keep your website while you…

Website Plan Next Step

Content and Design

Make sure your website looks good and reads well before you…

Website Plan Next Step

Build Your Website

Put it all together and launch your new site and …

Website Plan Next Step

Promote Your Site

Tell your customers all about it

Your Website Essentials: A Free Guide To Help Demystify The Process Of Getting Website For Your Small Business


The 5 Essential Steps You Need to Create A Website For Your Small Business Or Side Project.

Download the guide and discover…

  • What you need to set a website up for your small business
  • Why the most important part of your website is not your website
  • The FREE website platform used by thousands of businesses worldwide
  • Where to get your website hosted properly
  • How to keep your customers and the search engines happy with the right content

This e-Guide will demystify the process of getting an effective website for your small business, grab your FREE copy now…

Take A Look At How We’ve Helped Other Small Businesses With Their Websites

Social Media Marketing

Why Owning Your Own Website Is So Important

You may have a successful presence on your favorite Social Media platform, but if this is your only online presence, then you will always be operating your brand and your livelihood on their terms – and that is a BIG risk.

Owning your own website means you can deliver your message in way that you control and without having to worry that it will be taken away from you.

Don’t Limit Your Website Options

There are plenty of other low cost options to owning your own website, but these often include holding you to ransom with fees or placing limits on how your website looks or operates.

At Jatem Web Services, we help you create a site that you fully control, with no strings attached.

How much does a website cost

What You Can Do Next…

Wanna find out if we can work together?

If you want to see if we are a perfect match, or perhaps you are not sure if we’re your type, you can arrange a a free 30 minute discovery call to get your questions answered…


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